Established in 1847, the Town of Verona is a local unit of government within the County of Dane in the southern part of the state of Wisconsin. The town is on the southwestern edge of Madison — Wisconsin's state capital. The town of Verona has an estimated 2016 population of 1,975 and is part of the Verona Area School District.

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This is only a partial listing of Ordinances, all are on file at Town Hall.  Ordinances are regulations, the town also has policies which are in the form of “Resolutions”.  You can contact the town to request a copy of ordinances or to obtain additional information on ordinances or resolutions.

The Town of Verona is in the process of updating and organizing the town ordinances.  Below you will find the chapters that have been adopted so far during the codification process.

New Code of Ordinances (In Progress)

CHAPTER 1 General Government amended 8 2 16

CHAPTER 2 Finance and Taxation

CHAPTER 3 Fire Safety amended 6 7 2016

CHAPTER 5 Traffic Regulation

CHAPTER 17 Administrative Review Procedure

Animal Control

Building and Construction



Land Use

Weight Limits

Utility District #1

Waste Disposal

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Town of Verona
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Phone: 608-845-7187
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Office Hours:
8:00am – 2:00pm M-F