Established in 1847, the Town of Verona is a local unit of government within the County of Dane in the southern part of the state of Wisconsin. The Town is on the southwestern edge of Madison — Wisconsin's State Capital. The town of Verona has an estimated 2018 population of 1,982 and is part of the Verona Area School District.

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Ordinance #85-2


The Town Board of the Town of Verona does hereby ordain as follows:


This ordinance shall be known as “Town of Verona Citation Ordinance.”
The purpose of the ordinance is to establish the citation method of
enforcement of town ordinances and authorize certain town officials to
issue citations for violations of ordinances directly related to their
official responsibilities.


Pursuant to Section 66.119, Wis. Stats., violations of ordinances of
the Town of Verona shall be enforced by the issuance of Municipal

(1) Information Required. A Municipal Citation shall provide for
the following:

  1. The name and address of the alleged violator.
  2. The factual allegations describing the alleged violation.
  3. The time and place of the offense.
  4. The section of the ordinance violated.
  5. A designation of the offense in such manner as can readily be
    understood by a person making a reasonable effort to do so.
  • The time at which the alleged violator may appear in court.
  • A statement which in essence informs the alleged violator:
    1. That a cash deposit of a specified amount, based on the schedule
      established by the Town Board as a part of this ordinance, may be
      delivered or mailed to the Clerk of Circuit Court prior to the time of
      the scheduled court appearance.
    2. That if a deposit is made, no appearance in court is necessary
      unless the alleged violator is subsequently summoned.
    3. That if a cash deposit is made and the alleged violator does not
      appear in court, he or she will be deemed to have entered a plea of no
      contest, or, if the court does not accept the plea of no contest, will
      be summoned to appear in court to answer the complaint.
    4. That if no cash deposit is made and the alleged violator does not
      appear in court at the time specified, an action may be commenced to
      collect the forfeiture.
  • A direction that if the alleged violator elects to make a cash
    deposit, he or she shall sign the statement which accompanies the
    citation to indicate that the statement required under (g) above has
    been read, and shall deliver or mail the signed statement with the cash
  • Such other information as may be deemed necessary.
  • (2) Form of Citation. The Town hereby adopts for use, and
    incorporates herein by reference, the Wisconsin Uniform Municipal
    Citation, Form MSC 1 consisting of a three-part citation, a sample of
    which is on file in the office of the Town Clerk.

    (3) Schedule of Deposits. The Town hereby adopts for use under
    this section a schedule of cash deposits which shall be required for the
    various ordinance violations, and for the penalty assessment imposed by
    Section 165-87, Wis. Stats. This schedule, as amended from time to time,
    shall be on file in the office of the Town Clerk. Deposits shall be in
    cash, money older or certified check to the Clerk of Courts, Circuit
    Court, who shall provide a receipt therefor.

    (4) Issuance of Citation.

    1. Any law enforcement officer may issue citations authorized under
      this section.
    2. The following Town officials and code enforcement officers may issue
      citations with respect to those ordinances which are directly related to
      their official responsibilities:


      1. Town Chairman.
      2. Building, Plumbing, and Heating Inspector.
      3. Electrical Inspector.
      4. Animal Control Officer.

    (5) Procedure. Section 66-119(3), Wis., Stats., relating to
    violator’s options and procedure on default, is hereby adopted and
    incorporated herein by reference.

    (6) Nonexclusivity.

    1. Other Ordinances. This section does not preclude the Board from
      adopting any other ordinances or providing for the enforcement of any
      law or ordinance relating to the same or other matter.
    2. Other Remedies. The issuance of a citation hereunder shall not
      preclude the Town or any authorized officer from proceeding under
      a-n-t,, other ordinance or law or by any other enforcement method to
      enforce any ordinance, resulat’-on or order.

    SECTION 3. This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and
    publication as required by law.


    Adopted: 5-7-85

    Published/Posted: 5-20-85

    Effective: 5-24-85

    Violation Schedule



    Ordinance #

    Forfeiture Schedule


    Harboring or permitting to linger unlicensed or collarless
    dogs so as to cause a public nuisance


    B, E

    Police officer, Humane Society officers,
    sheriff, deputies, Town Board  members

    Permitting a licensed or unlicensed dog to run at large


    B, E


    Failure by owner to impound a dog which has bitten a person


    B, E


    Discharging or firing of any rifle excepting a rim fire 22




    Possession of any rifle excepting Rim fire 22 caliber without
    a permit




    Possession of rifle with permit but not in knocked down or unloaded state or enclosed in carrying case




    Failure to obtain application or driveway permit in construction of access road


    D, H


    Driveway exceeding 24′ in width without Town Board approval


    D, H

    Town Clerk, Town Board, Police Officer

    Not obtaining Town Board approval for location of driveway




    For construction of driveway without culvert


    D, H


    For false, misleading or incomplete information on massage
    parlor license applications or required reports


    E, H

    Town Board, Sheriff deputies

    Any offense against the person or property of a patron


    E, H


    Commercial sexual gratification prohibited


    E, H


    Massage without proper clothing attire


    E, H


    Monetary compensation for performance of any act of sexual


    E, H


    Failure to obtain dog license




    Failure to tag




    Failure to obtain dog vaccination




    Failure to report animal suspected of biting person or having




    Failure to comply with quarantine  order; removing
    quarantined animal without consent




    Allowing animal to run at large




    Harboring vicious dog @174.02(2); first offense, without




    Harboring vicious dog @174.02(2); first offense, after notice
    has been given




    Harboring vicious dog @174.02(2); subsequent offenses




    Allowing animal to disturb peace




    Allowing animal to habitually pursue vehicular or pedestrian




    Allowing animal to kill, wound or worry a domestic animal




    Allowing animal to destroy property of others










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