Established in 1847, the Town of Verona is a local unit of government within the County of Dane in the southern part of the state of Wisconsin. The Town is on the southwestern edge of Madison — Wisconsin's State Capital. The town of Verona has an estimated 2017 population of 1,981 and is part of the Verona Area School District.

July 21st – 6:00pm Area “2” Town property owners

invited to come and discuss potential future land uses.

As you may know, the Town is working on an update to the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. To do this the Town has been  broken down into different study areas and are hosting meetings with property owners in each area.

Next Thursday, July 21st at 6:00 pm, the Town will host a meeting focusing on “Area 2” which is the area west of Country View Rd to the Springdale Township line, south of Hwy PD, and north of Hwy 18/151. Property owners in this area are specifically invited to come discuss potential future land uses for this area. Others who are interested are welcome to attend as well.
Please note that a possible quorum of the Town of Verona Board of Supervisors, Plan Commission and/or Public Works, Ordinance, Natural and Recreational Areas, and Financial Sustainability Committees could occur at this meeting. The meeting will be for information gathering only and no formal action will be taken.
The information discussed will be used to update of the future land use map that will be part of the Town of Verona Comprehensive Plan. Meetings on the whole comprehensive plan will follow in several months.
If you have questions, please feel free to call 845-7187 or email Amanda Arnold – Town Admin/Planner at