Welcome to Verona

Established in 1847, the Town of Verona is a local unit of government within the County of Dane in the southern part of the state of Wisconsin. The Town is on the southwestern edge of Madison, Wisconsin's State Capital, and is part of the Verona Area School District. The Town of Verona is a place that many people are proud to call home. With a population of just under 2000, people choose to live in the Town of Verona because of the rural beauty and close proximity to jobs and commerce.

The Town has active farms, forests, and rivers. Over 70 percent of the lands in the Town are actively farmed. Portions of the Town are wooded and have glacial terminal moraine, as well as other predominant features such as the Badger Mill Creek and the Sugar River.

The Military Ridge Bike Trail and the National Ice Age Trail provide recreational opportunities such as biking, hiking, and snowmobiling. The Town maintains over 40 miles of roadways, many of which are enjoyed by recreational and competitive bicyclists.

The Town of Verona is working hard to keep its unique identity. There is a great sense of pride in being a Town of Verona resident. Residents enjoy a high quality of life away from the stresses that can come with city living. The Town strives to be an important part of the region while retaining its own small community character.