Plan Commission


The Plan Commission is charged with managing growth and development in the Town by drafting and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan and acting on requests for rezonings, lot splits and platted projects. 

The Commission is comprised of two (2) town board members and three (3) citizen representatives. Following the spring election, commission member appointments are nominated by the Town Chair and approved by the Town Board.  Any citizens interested in serving on the Town of Verona Plan Commission should contact the Town Chair by mid-April of each year.

Plan Commission meetings schedules are established annually and the third Thursday of the month is the normal meeting day. Meetings begin at 6:30pm. At times meetings are moved to accommodate work flow and holidays and additional work meetings may be added. Minutes, upon approval by the Plan Commission, are posted monthly.

Commission Members

Name Title
Tom Mathies Town Board Representative
Haley Saalsaa Miller Town Citizen Representative
Sarah Slack Town Citizen Representative
Mark Geller Chair
Lori Lukens Citizen Representative